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Phosphatidylserine is a type of phospholipid, vital for proper functioning of our body cells and brain cells. The presence of phosphatidylserine in your body provides numerous great effects on your overall mood and memory and contributes towards better brain health. This phospholipid is very safe and compatible with almost every other nootropic there is. Phosphatidylserine has also shown good results in improving physical performances. Besides the brain and muscles, other parts of the body that benefit from phosphatidylserine are the bones, heart, it helps the secretion of hormones and it can repair damaged cells.

About Phosphatidylserine

The human body is able to reproduce phosphatidylserine by its own, but the main source for getting it is from food. You can get this phospholipid primarily from the additive soy lecithin where there are large amounts of it. Besides soy lecithin, it is also found in fish, white beans, and animal organs like livers and hearts.

Effects of Phosphatidylserine

So how exactly does phosphatidylserine work? The phosphatidylserine crosses the blood-brain barrier and goes straight to the central nervous system. Inside the central nervous system, it helps in metabolizing the glucose, which is a main source of energy. It connects with many vital neurotransmitters and boosts the cognitive functions of the brain. One of the main transmitters with which the phosphatidylserine connects really well is the acetylcholine, which is neurotransmitter responsible for improving concentration, reasoning, and memory.

Benefits of Phosphatidylserine in a Nootropic Stack

Taking phosphatidylserine in a nootropic stack can improve mood and reduce depression. State of depression usually occurs when there is a lack of phosphatidylserine in the brain. Supplementing your brain with phosphatidylserine can have great effects on improving your inner mental balance. Some studies have shown that taking doses of three hundred milligrams of phosphatidylserine per day for thirty days straight can reduce depression to over seventy percent.

Stacking with Phosphatidylserine

When it comes to stacking phosphatidylserine, it is worth mentioning that you can stack it with almost any nootropic that exists. It is a very safe supplement to use, and it is most commonly stacked with piracetam and other members of the racetam family. The standard dosage of phosphatidylserine is taking doses of hundred milligrams three times per day. However, because everybody is different and reacts differently, you should take this as a general guideline to start with this nootropic. You can experiment with the dosage a little bit in order to achieve best results. If you are taking phosphatidylserine as a part of your nootropic stack, it is advisable to go with a dosage lower than hundred milligrams.


In any case, try to keep phosphatidylserine amount to less than five hundred milligrams per day, because if you go over five hundred you are increasing the chances for some rare and minor side effects like upset stomach or rare situations of insomnia. However, these occur rarely, almost never if you keep the doses at reasonable amounts. Anyway, there is no reason for you to increase the doses beyond the recommended amounts. The recommended doses of up to three hundred milligrams per day provide the best possible results.


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