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Panax Ginseng

There are many new advances in the relatively young field of nootropics, and Panax Ginseng is becoming a widely used substance in nootropic stacks. Nootropics is the science that deals with the supplements that have the power to improve how our mind functions. And given the hectic modern lives that we live, where we don’t have the time nor energy to do half the things we want during any given day – we see just how logical it is for us to want to improve our cognitive powers in any way we can.

Introduction of Panax Ginseng

Now, let me introduce you a nootropic substance that comes from a Chinese plant. The plant is called Panax Ginseng, and its roots have been used by herbalists and doctors for a long time in the treatment of various diseases and conditions that may affect the body and the mind.

Effects and Benefits of Panax Ginseng

You’d be surprised at just how potentially potent this herbal extract is. It can be used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, for example. It has been shown that people that drink this supplement can offset some of the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, and slow the advancement of it of the disease.

There are also many other benefits of consuming Panax Ginseng. You’re most probably interested in the nootropic effects. Well, Panax Ginseng has been shown in some studies to improve the levels of concentration and brain speed of several people that have used it as a supplement. These people reported increased work efficiency and concentration, and some of them have even reported increased physical performance, in the sense that they got less tired after a workout, and they felt a lot stronger during it. This is a nice thing to have in mind when you consume Panax Ginseng.

Side Effects of Panax Ginseng

Of course, you wouldn’t want to overconsume this supplement either. There are some well-documented potential side effects that may come into play, especially when you use bigger doses than you should. You may feel nauseous and have stomach pain. Having a headache is also frequent among the side effects. Also, you want to be really careful with the prolonged use of Panax Ginseng. There is certain research that suggests that Panax Ginseng can have powerful hormonal effects on your body – and this won’t be a good thing for you if it lasts for more than six months or so.

But other than that, feel free to experiment with this nootropic supplement. After all, a lot of people have experimented with it, and they have reported that they experienced a big improvement in their brain capacity. They worked faster, they felt smarter, and their minds operated a lot faster than they usually do. This may prove to be the exact thing that will help us improve our modern hectic lives and help us get them under control. So, there is no harm done in trying out the supplement yourself.


Try it out, and see if it works for you. If it does and you do feel better, and sharper, then, by all means, continue using it. But if you experience some side effects, then discontinue use and consult with a qualified medical professional ASAP.

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