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Nootropics represent pharmaceutical compounds that are usually used to improve cognitive function in men and women. They were created in the early 1960s. There are many scientific studies that have confirmed the potential of nootropics to improve important areas of cognitive learning. It is good to point out that pharmaceutical companies are constantly investing in research and development of new nootropics. So, today people have a chance to choose from a wide range of nootropics. Some of them are less effective while others have proven to be great cognitive enhancers. According to many experts, Noopept belongs to the second category of nootropics.

What is Noopept

Noopept belongs to the Racetam family of pharmaceutical drugs. This is a strong peptide that is frequently prescribed around the world, especially in Russia. Thanks to the Internet, Noopept is now available to people all over the world online. Several scientific studies have shown that Noopept is around 1000 times more potent compared to other nootropics that belong to the Racetam family of drugs.

Effects and Benefits of Noopept

However, it turns out that Noopept is interesting to experts and individuals for a few different reasons, not just the incredible potency. For instance, many of them like to emphasize its powerful neuroprotective effects. Several tests have confirmed that this drug can improve memory in adults of all ages. In fact, one of these studies has delivered promising results related to the treatment of cognitive degeneration. The participants in this study were suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and their condition was improved after regular intake of Noopept for three months. All these reasons and few more, make Noopept a popular nootropic, also known as a smart drug. It is interesting that Noopept is still prescribed as a medication in Russia and few other countries while it is sold as an efficient dietary supplement in the United States.

Besides the obvious cognitive benefits, this nootropic is known for its potential to bring anti-anxiety (also known as anxiolytic) effects. A study conducted a while ago, which included a few dozens of adult participants, has confirmed that the majority of them have witnessed drastic improvement in dealing with the symptoms of depression, irritability, and anxiety. Individuals with suffering from cognitive impairment have witnessed additional health benefits like better mood, improved quality of sleep and elimination of the symptoms of restlessness. These tests were conducted on animals too and the results were similar.

Safe Dosage of Noopept

According to many experts, the typical dosage for this neuroprotectant and cognitive enhancer is between 10 and 30 milligrams per day. Noopept provides ultimate performance after one or two weeks. This is also one of the rare nootropics that can be used regularly without any side effects. Noopept provides increased focus, better learning capacity and enhanced memory retrieval and recall which makes it perfect for college students, interns etc. If this drug is used in the right way, there is only a small chance to witness some of the side effects. The good news is that Noopept doesn’t lead to headaches or sleep problems.


Overall, Noopept is an efficient smart drug that can enhance cognitive function in any individual.

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