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The world of nootropics gets more complex on a daily basis. Every day new substances are found and created with the intention of improving a person’s brain power, and decreasing the cognitive decline, especially the one that comes with aging. There are many advances in the science of nootropics, and people have begun using the nootropics when they need something to boost their alertness and focus.

Introducing Piracetam as a Nootropic Substance

Today we’ll share some information with you on the topic of Piracetam, which is one of the nootropics that we’ve talked about in the previous paragraph. Piracetam is in fact the prototype for the racetam supplements. The racetam supplements are synthetic compounds which are intended to improve the brain power that people have.

Effects of Piracetam

Research shows that Piracetam shows the best results when used by the elderly people, and those suffering cognitive decline. This is a field where supplementation with Piracetam can really help people with retaining, and even improving their brain functioning capacities.

This isn’t to say that younger, healthier people can’t benefit from the supplement as well. Just they won’t be able to benefit AS MUCH. Research shows little to none improvement in brain functioning if young people take piracetam as a supplement.

Potential Side Effects of Piracetam

A good thing to know about this supplement is that upon consummation, it has little to no side effects. And most of these side effects are mild and transient – effects such as insomnia, nausea and irritability.

How Piracetam Effects The Body

The way Piracetam works is not yet thoroughly studied. There’s some speculation that it increases the brain’s oxygen consumption in certain areas. Also, it has an impact on the neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which has a powerful influence on cognitive processes, as well as on muscle use. In fact, Alzheimer patients have drastically lower levels of this neurotransmitter in their brains, as compared to the healthy population.

Another important effect of Piracetam is that it prevents blood clotting – and it’s really got at it. This has no direct link with brain power, but it’s nice to be aware that it’s on par with Aspirin when it comes to protecting yourself from heart disease.

Buying Piracetam

This ingredient is used primarily in Europe, Asia, and South America. As of the time of the writing of this article, its use is not approved by the US food and drugs administration, and it’s not permitted to be sold as a supplement.


If you want to try out some nootropics, then we believe that there are many other more potent choices that you can make, than buying Piracetam. But if you really want to try it, then there most likely won’t be any harm for you in doing so. In fact, you may be one of the people that experiences significant cognitive boost when consuming Piracetam. Be aware of the side effects though, even though they’ll be most likely transient. Give it a chance especially if you’re an older person and dealing with some kind of cognitive decline. We sincerely hope that in the end Piracetam will work out for you.

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