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Eleuthero root is a herb that belongs to the ginseng family of herbs, while Eleuthero root extract has been often used as an energy booster, stamina enhancer, and for increasing athletic performances. Because Eleuthero root is an adaptogen, it is believed that also contributes toward body`s ability to tolerate and adapt to stress. Eleuthero root has been used for hundreds of years in the natural medicine practices in Russia, China, Japan, and Korea. It is also often called Siberian Ginseng. It naturally grows in Asian climates, but it is possible to grow in other climates of the world as well.

Effects & Benefits of ELEUTHERO ROOT EXTRACT in Nootropic Stacks

When it comes to uses, Eleuthero root is used as a part of many natural remedies, supplements, medicines, and is often part of many nootropic stacks. It promotes overall health, so its characteristics are boosted when combined with other natural products in a nootropic stack.  The natural compound called Eleutheroside is found in Eleuthero root, and this compound is believed to act in the same way as some steroids and hormones like estrogen. It can increase the levels of energy in the body, although this is still being researched.

Regarding benefits that come from Eleuthero root, besides boosting levels of energy and increasing stamina, it is also believed to increase focus, boosts overall health, speeds up the recovery process after injuries and illnesses, decreases some inflammations, serves as a regulator of the blood pressure, and it can also revitalize some important organs of the body. Another great benefit of Eleuthero is that it can increase people`s appetite, which is important after some health treatments like chemotherapy. Some people have also noticed increased sex drive after taking Eleuthero root in a nootropic stack for an extended period of time, while others found it very useful for preventing, treating and recovering from flu symptoms.


Besides above mentioned benefits, Eleuthero root extract has also been used for treating other conditions like insomnia, heart problems, herpes, bi-polar disorder, coughs, kidney issues, Alzheimer`s, bronchitis, arthritis, chronic fatigue, and for many more other treatments. The Eleuthero root extract is also added to some products for skin care for overall improvement and maintaining healthy skin.


Eleuthero can be found in many different forms like liquids, capsules, powders, and tablets. Some people are also using dried roots for making healthy herbal teas, and dried roots have a very sweet taste. When it comes to dosages used, this is variable and it depends on the form in which the extract is taken. Some people take a few grams per day for up to eight weeks. Others suggest taking thirty drops of tincture separated to three doses per day, and taking up to five hundred milligrams of powdered extract two times per day. In general, recommended dosages are between hundred and three hundred milligrams of extract, three times per day. It all depends on your needs, so you can start with smaller doses and gradually increase them over time. You can consult your doctor more about this matter.

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